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Super sharp and fun to use!

I was tired of paying $20+ every time I needed a trim. Decided to order these scissors and do it myself. It was a piece of cake with these super sharp cutting scissors. Love them! It was so much fun I was tempted to keep cutting more and more hair off, but thankfully I stopped before I went bald, haha.

Just what we need to cut hair at home

I’ve used these to cut my boyfriend’s and my hair a few times. They ’re perfect. Very sharp! Easy to hold.

High and Tight

These hair clippers are very sharp and get the job done neatly without and pulling of your hair. In these pandemic times, these shears will help you stay tidy. Very recommended, easy to hold without fatigue. Do follow the directions and use these shears for hair only! Store carefully. Do not let these become part of your kids art kit! They are very sharp and will get dull if you use for unintended purposes!

Love these for cutting thick, coarse hair!

Excellent quality and performance for the price! These are sharp shears - not like from the drugstore. Use caution not to cut yourself!

Super sharp! Wacth those fingers. lol

OUch! lol... these scissors may be inexpensive, but don't let the price fool you. They are super sharp! Super sharp! Watch those fingers. Just a slight touch and you are going to slice them! (Yep, I did several times till I finally realized I can't treat these as typical scissors that cut paper! I'm a slow learner - what can I say!!) I'm not a hair stylist but I wanted to give myself trims in between professional cuts. It cuts with precision and even does great channel cuts!!! (I Y*utubed that and taught myself!!). Feeling confident with these scissors and online videos, I decided to give myself an entire new haircut and it looks fantastic! These scissors cut with such precision and ease that it was so easy to cut hard to reach places. Glad I bought them and would highly, highly recommend. PLEASE keep these AWAY from children!!!! Just touching the blade is going to produce a severe slash - says my bandaged fingers. :)

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