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Sharon York
Definitely worth it!

Let me tell you how much I love this pen! I purchased after having several costly chemical peels. They recommended I move to derma needling for some cystic acne. I was hesitant after all the money I had spent on chemical peels. I decided I would buy my own and test if it would even help. Each treatment through them costs more than buying your own. I have only used it once and my skin has dramatically improved. I had a dinosaur eggs size cyst that appeared after some heavy stress. That sucker is almost flat now. My skin is softer and the texture is far better than it was. Extremely excited to see results after multiple uses. If you are having acne issues or any skin issues this is the way to go. I’m beyond amazed! And like I said only one time use so far. My skin getting better daily.

Medical grade device!!!

I had been doing microneedling at a medical spa for over two years. I had to cancel because of budget so I was on the hunt for an at-home, medical-grade device. This one WORKS. Use a good numbing cream (30 mins) then remove one quadrant at a time. I use hyaluronic acid then place liquid vitamin e on top. I’m used to a 2.5mm needle but start slow. Just prep your skin with numbing cream and vitamin e oil to help with slip. Works great. Word of advice: get tepezchohite ointment to put on after (I Use EVERY night). Don’t use HA, retinol, vitamin c etc for first couple of days after. Works JUST like med spa. Microneedling is the main thing that’s TOTALLY changed my skin. It’s all about maintenance!

Finally a solution for acne scars!!! It works!!!

I've used this 6 times now and have already seen a huge improvement with my acne scars. I started noticing a good improvement after 3 uses. Do your research, watch the YouTube tutorials. Make sure you take the steps to do it right to avoid further scarring and infection. I was a bit nervous at first, but I am so glad I found this. I've struggled with acne scars my entire adult life, and finally found a product that is actually getting rid of them after years and hundreds of dollars of at home treatments. I never go over 1.5 depth, and space my treatments 4 weeks apart. I give myself 1-2 days recovery of no makeup and no sweating after each treatment. I also use hyaluronic acid generously during and after each treatment and don't wash or touch my face during the recovery time. I also use numbing cream beforehand. I put it all over my skin, and cover it with plastic wrap for 20 minutes. Then make sure I completely remove all of the cream before starting the treatment. Your skin will peel a bit afterwards. Don't peel at it or touch it. Just let it do its thing. You basically look a bit sunburned during recovery. I can't wait to see the difference 4 more uses will make. If you struggle with acne scars, you've finally found your solution.

zely souza
Beautiful and efficient.

Very good product...

Research technique and hygiene practices. You cannot microneedle eyelids as some YouTube’s show!

I researched microneedling online extensively before deciding on Dr Pen. For the price it is effective for home needling. I have used it on my face, neck and upper chest, stomach and hands. The needles are one time use disposable which in my opinion the safest. The needle depth is adjustable for different parts of the body.

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