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The best purchase I've made for myself in a long time. This little magical thing helps so much. It is the perfect size for my hands and feet, and toes. It came with enough battery life to try it out. It heated up immediately when turned on and a good amount of difference in heat levels, though once I let it warm up all the way on high and turned it back down I didn't really notice a decrease in heat, but I'm okay with that. This warmed up my purple hands in just a few mins. My feet and toes took a bit longer to warm up but that's just because they are mostly dead in the winter.
This is an appendage saver. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I will up date if my opinion changes, but I doubt it will. <3

Keep your whiny family members warm in winter

Really nice, handy product (haha). One of my dialysis patients recommended this product - works good for those who plasma donate too, to keep your hand from getting cold. I bought them for my husband, who has zero body fat and almost dies every winter here in Minneapolis, and he's quite happy with them too!

Amazing pain relief!

I have arthritis that hits my hands hard. I have looked long for something that would easily warm my hands and ease the pain of arthritis. Plug in heat pads are too bulky and you can’t take them with you. This hand warmer is amazing! It has three levels of heat and level one is plenty hot. It really works. And at such a great price! I highly recommend this devise.
Definitely going to show it to my rheumatologist at my next visit!
JMHO //(*_*)\\

Love at first sight for Raynauds, couldn't recommend more!

Love, love, LOVE!! How have I not know this existed until now?! As a sufferer of raynauds, my hands are always freezing so this is pretty much a life saver! I work as a letter carrier so I'm often outside in rain, sleet, snow, etc. but can't really wear gloves because it makes it near impossible to deliver the mail. This is seriously the best thing in my life right now!

I haven't even gotten to the fact that it also can function as a powerbank too!! Take all my money!! I didn't know what true love was until now!

good heat source

This is the most easy to hold hand warmer I have bought yet. It heats up much more quickly than other hand warmers and gets very hot if you choose Level 3. I have only had the warmer for two weeks and highly recommend it. I have not yet used it for more than an hour at a time so do not know how long it will last between charges.

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