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Helen Wheels
Very Sturdy

Just put it up today and our dog likes it already. It is heavy duty and well-made.

Dale E Foster
Nice heavy duty crate

This is a nice crate, a little heavier duty than you would normally find at the big box stores. I have an escape artist and still have to secure the door to crate to keep him from forcing his way thru, but once that is done, it works well

Sean P
Safe for dogs

Many of the cage options on amazon are low ball options. They do not take the steps to grind down the metal where the dog can hurt themselves. I inspected this cage when I got it to make sure that was not the case and I was happy with what I found. Very easy set up.

Pine Village
Perfect crate for our Houdini Dorky

I was concerned that our Houdini Dorky would also destroy this crate. There isn't a chance because it's of a much higher gauge than the last crate. It is also substantialy heavier. Very confident I can trust leaving the house with this crate.

Ralph Kramden
Nice strong crate

this is a very strong and good crate. I am very happy with this purchase. the tray slides out from the bottom for easy cleaning. I got this because my sister comes over once in a while with her untrained Yorkie to stay over for a couple of days. we walk the dog many times a day but the dog prefers to use the bathroom after her walk when she gets into my apartment lol. her dog always urinates all over my apartment all night long. now I can let her dog sleep in this crate when we go to sleep at night. no more urine on my floors.

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