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good product

After using it for a month, this eye mask is very comfortable and easy to use. It is a good product.

David D
Really enjoying this to help me sleep

This little sleep aid is pretty amazing. It definitely helps me sleep as I can put on whatever sleep music I want to have it right in my ear at whatever volume I need to pass out. I would suggest that it works best for people who lie on their back as if you sleep on your side the headphones pressed into your ears can cause a small amount of discomfort. Other than that I’ve been extremely satisfied with it.

Ian Morris
Great buy!

Love it! Blocks out all noises and great soft fit. Doesn’t mess with your eyelashes. Great buy!

Comfy, good sound quality, size adjustable.

Love it so far!! Would be ideal for plane travel. The ear pieces are movable inside so you can get them exactly where your ears are and does a decent job of light blocking with the padded eye surround and nose piece. Very comfy and I could definitely sleep in it. Recommended! 👍🏻

Roosevelt Moore
A Perfect Combination For a Perfect Nights Sleep!

I have seen many people use sleep masks and was a skeptic. I listen to meditation music nightly as I drift off to sleep and decided to give these a try. They are wonderful! Very soft and the Bluetooth device does not affect your sleep at all. I really don’t even notice while sleeping. My charge holds for several days.

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