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Laura R.

Order arrived quickly before estimated shipping date. Customer service had a prompt and professional follow-up and was very quick to respond to questions. I’ve been cutting 1/8” thick hardwood and acrylic and it’s been working great. The noise is similar to a vacuum when just the blade is turning but gets louder when cutting. I’m in an apartment with thicker walls and seems to be ok. The instruction booklet is very limited and that could be a definite improvement. I’ve yet to do much with the polisher/sander yet, but a quick sanding test seemed fine. The machine moved around when I had the drill chuck attachment on - probably due to the weight distribution. Might need to put something to hold it in place when I use that.

Robert M
A good investment.

I love everything about this saw. It has enough power to cut the projects I have done. Accurate cutting. Just a great little saw. I hope to use it for a very long time.

Jeremiah S.
Great item

My wife loved this item. She's a craftychic and she's been using it on wood,pcv pipes.

Noah E.
Nice little saw & Fast customer service

Customer support replied very quickly when I contacted them. The saw is just what I was looking for. It's great for working on small jobs, and I feel much safer than when using my full size table saw. Plus, it is small enough that I can easily carry it to where I want to work.

Maria L.
Use for crafts

Great for crafts

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