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letitia katalinic
it works like a charm my child loves it he already found ...

it works like a charm my child loves it he already found a bag of 4 quarters barreid in the sand at the park

Long time fun...

I have been wanting a metal detector for a long time. My husband always said we didn't need one. Finally i snagged on and when it showed up i said look at all the fun i am going to have.

We live in florida so i cant wait to take this to the beaches. When you first get this metal detector you will need to put it together. At first we struggled because we couldn't get the pole to stay. Finally after we changed the one lock nut and then it worked. I wanted to use it right then and there but i couldn't it needed batteries. It does not come with batteries. It takes 2 9 volt. I went and got them. Once they were in i turned the unit on and pointed it towards out metal base on our fan to make sure it worked. Once i heard the beep i knew it was working. So i took it outside and had some fun. A couple of years ago we put a tent up outside and we lost the two metal stakes for the life of me we couldn't find them. Thanks to this metal detector we found them. This metal detector is light weight and very easy to hold and use. I love how this comes with a shovel and headphones. This would make a great gift for anyone who has been wanting a metal detector.

Comes with nice accessories!

My 10 year old son loves it! Comes with nice accessories!

Very good 👍😊👌

I found silver and money, good metal detector :)

raja salame


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