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Small, easy to set up/take down, cost less than other brands and works just fine.

So far; very impressed. We bought these for a long (multi-week) camping car trip that we'll be taking this summer. Our regular folding chairs (you know the type; big ones that are over three-foot long when in their carry bags) are great, but too big when we have limited space in the car.
THESE are perfect for our purposes. Very quick and easy to put up and take down.
Low to the ground? Yes.
Great lumbar support? No.
Priced OK for what they are and what they can do for you? Yes.

If you are basically healthy and agile, these will be great for you to get some sit-down time around a camp-fire or watching a sunset, or even watching a kid's soccer game without having to lug pounds with you to do so. Me, I am tall and thin (6', 175#s) and am more than comfortable in these chairs. If you happen, however, to have a larger body frame, or happen to weigh a lot, they may be less comfortable for you.
I've seen the VERY expensive versions of these at R E I, and although these aren't dirt-cheap themselves, they are quite a bit less then the name-brand ones I've just mentioned. These have and will meet our needs well.

Perfect backpacking/kayaking chair

Recently went camping during a kayaking trip so I needed a chair that I could put in the front storage compartment. I was a bit skeptical that a chair that could pack away in such a small case would be comfortable. This is a great chair and very comfortable for what it is. I sat on this chair for about 8 hours and it didn't make me uncomfortable at all. It's super easy to set up and take down and pack away.

Perfect chair for backpacking in somewhere or kayaking in somewhere.

Lightweight yet surprisingly sturdy chair!

Great lightweight chair for campers! This chair is ultralight & folds up tiny yet it is extremely sturdy. I had many doubts when I first saw this chair but it's sturdiness has amazed me! Perfect for carrying with anywhere-to the campground, ball games, concerts and the like. My 250+ lb husband can sit in it without feeling like it would crumble beneath him. He prefers the higher-backed version because of his height. I am shorter so the low back works for me. Overall, great sturdy chair that can go practically anywhere.

Michael Maddux
Nice chair

Picked up two of these for my boys to take with them on scout trips. They love them. And I did try it out, it set good and my 200lbs didn't break it. It is a little tight to put together at first, and my youngest had trouble with it, but getting better.

Evan H.
Going on 3 years and still works great

I've had this chair for three years and used it quite a bit. I do a lot of motorcycle camping and this chair has kept me comfortable through it all. I'm 6', 165lbs and it is pretty comfy. If you are stiff and can't kneel well then this isn't for you. It sits low to the ground, which is fine for me. Makes falling out when you've had too many easier on the landing...I would not get this if you are a heavy set person. I've seen many chairs just like it bend or break. Mine? Works great. I live in Japan and just saw a copy of this in an outdoor store for over $100, with a cheaper seating material.

In summary, if you are lighter weight and limber then this is a great chair. If you are heavy or a brute you probably should look for something more a log or tree stump.

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