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Kristan Shimpi
It works, trust me

Our pandemic puppies have developed some not so desirable behaviors, and they are related. Our Bernedoodle jumps on people she has not seen for more than 15 mins (read anyone in the family other than me). When she jumps on people, our Bernese Mtn Dog charges at the poor target and barks and bites them for attention. My thinking was that if I can prevent one from jumping, the other one won’t bark or bite. But how to control this craziness when it starts?

After doing some research, I decided to give limeite a try. The reviews online were mixed, but the people who wrote about it saving their pet relationship gave me hope.

Now I will explain how I am using it.

The plan: use the command “settle” if the Bernedoodle jumps or the BMD barks. If either doesn’t settle after the command, use the light training feature. As soon as they stop, treats and praise for “good settle.” The light training feature is just a really bright light to get their attention. There is also an additional feature that has the light and an ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear. But because I love my puppies, oh and I am using it for 2 dogs and different behaviors, I decided to stick with the light trainer first.

Day 1: I armed myself with trainer treats and strapped the limeite to my wrist. My puppies definitely noticed the light and it got their attention. Neither puppy liked the light, but both stopped after I flashed the light and followed up with treats and praise. I was consistent all day, which was kind of a pain, but as the day progressed both puppies would at least pause before engaging in the behavior when seeing the limeite.

The “ah ha” moment was during dinner when the BMD started barking. I gave the command and he didn’t stop, so I used the light trainer… and he stopped barking. Y’all, that is a game changer at our house! I know that consistency will be my friend, but I am hopeful that limeite can help us get our puppies to be better behaved. Day 1 was promising.

M. Colletta
A good purchase

Working well to help train our dog. He responds quickly to the high pitch and to the LED

Tessanna Fulton
Works like a charm!!!

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! This limeite is a life saver! We have 3 dogs that think every leaf that blows across the patio is a dangerous intruder! They keep thinking that same thing for at least 3-5 minutes after the wind starts to blow, only to have this happen until they are back inside with their doggie door closed off. After using this thing for 2 days, they can now have their doggie door open for them all day. And all I have to do is sternly say their name, wait about 5 seconds and they come running! The barking is significantly less, and with continued training with this device, I am hopeful to have some very well behaved boys! THANK YOU!!!

This works! Stops my dog barking when the doorbell rings.

I was looking for a product that would help stop my dog's barking without hurting him. Every time somebody rings my doorbell he barks non stop by the door and I have trouble hearing the person talk.

I decided to give the limeite a try and I'm glad I did. I've have a few days of testing and when I use this on my dog Bolt he stops barking and walks away. I'm so glad I have this product a try.

Andrew & Tara Brown
Best Tool For Territorial Corgi

We love this product! We have a corgi (very vocal) who has become rather territorial over our front facing windows. Within days of having the Barx buddy he has calmed with the barking and hysterics at the front window. If he does get riled up, I simply point the barx buddy, I don’t even have to press the button anymore!

It flashes some lights and makes a noise humans can’t hear. Perfect for conference calls if your working from
Home. Highly recommend.

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