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Fantastic keyboard

This is my first mechanical keyboard so I did a lot of reading about cherry switches and deciding which ones would be best suited to my needs. Both myself and my missus work from home at least once a week and do a fair amount of typing and with nobody else around to annoy with a noisy keyboard I decided to go for the ultra clicky blue switches. This keyboard also has the benefit of having blue LED lighting which matches the colour scheme of my PC and study.

The keys are very responsive and do make a noise but certainly not as noisy as some of the reviews on here would have you believe. One review said it was as loud as having a conversation with someone in the same room but I think that's a slight over-exaggeration.

The keyboard itself feels sturdy, responsive and pretty indestructible. It has a slightly quirky font on the keys but as a touch typist this doesn't really bother me, in fact it makes it look a bit futuristic looking in conjunction with the blue lighting and minimalist design. For the price you really can't beat this keyboard as most other mechanical keyboards are much more expensive and I'm not sure you could justify spending much more when this is more than up to the task. I can't really comment on how good it is for gaming as I've only really typed on it for the internet and the odd document. I'd certainly recommend this type products if they're all as good as this keyboard

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Excellent for the money

Really pleased with this keyboard, I have had a Corsair K75 (failed within 10 months) 2 x Logitech G810's both fell apart within 12 months. Logitech G19 failed after 18 months. That is approx £400 worth of keybaords all failing well too early.

Been using for a few weeks and surprised by the quality of this keyboard.
Many thanks

Good for the price

This is a heavy durable keyboard that won’t move around, the keys click with a positive action, it’s quite loud with a metallic sound as well as the key click and will probably stand up to years of heavy handed use! The light levels and patterns are adjustable from the keyboard so no additional downloads are needed and it’s ideal for typing. The font is a little unusual and takes some getting used to at first. Good solid value.

Denroy Robinson
Very good


Gaétan Fache
Very good keyboard. Heavy office use

This keyboard is really awesome, has a great haptic feedback and makes relatively low nose. Im a dev and uses it everyday at work. Managed to get 2 of my colleagues buy one after test haha

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