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C. Duncan
I'm a cleaning machine now!

Damn! You can clean the hell out of anything with these attachments to your power drill. I just remodeled my bathroom and wanted to be sure my bathtub always looks super clean, even though the water here is HARD. With this gizmo, no dirt is left behind. Whether you use comet, or just soap, this will do the job!
If you are OCD about cleaning your house, you need this.

Great buy

Obsessed with these! Anytime I have a hard stain I take this bad boy out and just like that it’s gone! I also used this on my patio furniture!

cleaning grout will never be the same

it took me less than half the time it used to to scrub and clean the grout between tile in the kitchen and shower. Game changer product for sure and doesn't wear your arms out!

Veronica Martinez
I Should Have Bought it a Long Time Ago!


I had shoulder surgery two weeks ago and I didn’t had a chance to clean my shower before then. Yesterday, I decided to give it a try, and oh my gosh, did it do the job! It only took me 20 minutes to clean a 5’ by 5’ walk in shower. Tiles and glass panel walls are 9 feet high. WITH ONE HAND!! I used the brush for the tile and the soft scrub for the glass. As a cleaner I used Kaboom Foam spray.

Beatriz Garcia
Give It A Try Who Knows You Might Like It.

This has made cleaning the bathroom so much easier. Especially the shower. My arm still gets tired but that is from hold the power tool. I am happy with this purchase due to it cuts down cleaning time. I would recommend this to people that have a hard time cleaning the shower at times.

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